By Arthur Orchid

There are important things to master when you plan to become your own boss.

Yeah: Do you know how to promote your business?

When I was going through college, owning a business was the dream.
I spent so much time worrying about how to start a business, I didn't know what to do with it once I had one.

I have some rather specialized knowledge, although it is less specialized nowadays.

Basically, I'm a technological wizard. I can program, build computers, And all the rest of it.
I wanted to work as a Self-employed computer consultant.

Although I knew that I could make a lot more money in the industry, it seemed worth the sacrifice to be able to set my own hours and be my own boss.

Unfortunately, I knew nothing about how to promote my business.

A lot of people take courses on how to promote your business, but I naively assumed that, since I understood what I was doing with computers, I would be able to get clients.

This was a very serious mistake.
I did have a few connections, and that is key to promoting your business.

However, those connections were quickly exhausted.
They were simply not enough to make a decent living for me.

Some of the best strategies for how to promote your business were things that I was already aware of.
Ever since I had been starting a business, I had maintained a good web page with excellent keyword optimized content.

I did get a fair bit of web traffic, but it didn't seem to be translating into clients.
Then I figured out the problem: I hadn't used any niche marketing.

Understanding how to promote your business starts with understanding the nature of your business.
In my case, because I was a small player, I needed to have a small local market.

I could never make my mark promoting my business to a broad, national clientele.
There were just simply too many bigger people around.

When I marketed myself as an expert located in the area, however, the calls started coming in.

This was easier said than done.
What people never tell you when they give you tips on how to promote your business is how much busy work there is.

I put up flyers all over the neighborhood, made connections at local technology club meetings, and even went to high schools to see if they had any trouble in their computer labs.
It took me about six months, but at that point I finally had a steady client base.

Getting a critical number of people is key to how to promote your business.
Once you have enough clients, word-of-mouth takes care of the rest – at least it did in my case.

To Your Success!

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