By Arthur Orchid

Don't be anymore one of those persons complaining about their lack of perspective! In this day and age, you'll routinely hear people gripe about their jobs. Why do you suppose this is?

I think I have a grasp on the problem. They feel obsolete or unsure about their future. You never know when you just might be canned and/or replaced. Surely you've noticed that oodles of workers get booted out for simple reasons. Maybe you're no longer needed or the company is downsizing. But what do you do then?

Well hopefully you leave with some sort of severance package. At least this way you'll have some cash to pay the bills while searching for the next gig. Those who don't, often have it rough.
Now, you may be wondering what I'm getting at, so I'll cut to the chase. It's high time to start thinking about a personal Internet business, or independent company that's actually yours. Surf the web sometime and you'll see just how many individuals have started their very own Internet business. Seriously, cyberspace is loaded with them. Maybe some of the websites that you check out on a regular basis.

I was shocked to find out that one of the custom knife sites I always sort through was owned by a housewife. She even let me in on her story. She was basically a stay-at-home mom with no college degree, therefore she decided to start her own at-home Internet business, selling custom cutlery. At first she did this as a way to bring in extra money, but then it turned into something huge. Now her husband does it with her and it's their only source of income. You have to admit; that's pretty darn sweet. And it all started with her father's passion for knives, and the knowledge she picked up from him. You too can begin an Internet business if you really want it.

A close friend of my wife started hers by making custom children's clothing. She uses her sewing talents and creativity to make an honest living. Now she just has to keep up with the various orders. What awesome about this picture? How about the facts that she works from home, sets her own hours, answers to no one, and can never get CANNED?

Wouldn't you enjoy a lifestyle like this?

To Your Success!

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By Arthur Orchid

... But not from any program.
You MUST avoid scams & Easy Effortless Methods.

Joining a program should be free.
If not, search Refund Conditions: ideally you could at least Get a 2 Month Guarantee For Money Back. As an example, this program is confident enough to offer you a 6 Month Risk Free Guarantee.

I estimate 8 weeks is a minimum to study & start an opportunity.
Do I need to specify that you have to TAKE ACTION?
Because the best ebook or program won't make you healthier if you don't put in practise the provided advices. For anyone that watches late night television and infomercials it is not news that there are many business opportunities on the internet. There are advertisements in print media, television and a few months ago I heard a commercial on the radio.

With all the hype about home based and internet based business opportunities I decided that I would look into it to see if I could supplement our income.

There are many sites that make huge claims about making money online. In my research I found that some of them are complete scams and others are complicated business ventures. I did come up with a few pitfalls and tools that I used in sorting out the opportunities. It is very easy to get caught up in spending money to obtain information. That is the first pitfall that I fell into. When looking into making money online do not pay for information about the opportunity.

We have all come across the sites that claim that you can make thousands of dollars a week spending a few minutes a day whenever you want to. Most of these sites call themselves data entry opportunities. They tell you that if you can type an email you can do the job and make thousands of dollars a week. The information that is not shared prior to buying into the company is that you need to spend a great deal of money posting the advertisements that you type up.

I paid to learn more about the data entry positions. In the hype portion I was told that all I needed to do was to fill out forms and post them on the internet. I was not told that I first had to pay to get the forms and then had to pay to post them. I also had to research which company had the greatest potential of helping me recoup my money as well as make a profit. It was a very complicated and misleading experience. The next pitfall that I fell into in trying to make money online was the completion of surveys.

This is the biggest rip off that there is on the internet. For one thing you can join companies to get mailed the surveys without going through a third party. The third party has you pay money then they simply give you the websites of the survey companies.

I ended up spending money joining music and make up clubs as well as ordering magazines. There was one survey that I took that I was paid $1.50 for taking. The third party company stated that you could make hundreds of dollars a week spending fifteen to twenty hours. This was not a sure bet in making money online for me. The person that was making money online in this case was the one that found the survey takers for the companies, who in turn bought from the companies.

Making money online is possible, but it is not a get rich quick scheme and the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t” definitely applies. In general, you don't have to pay any dollar to join a program. Only some informations such as ebooks won't be for free.

Read more about Affiliation marketing [...]

To Your Success!

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By Arthur Orchid

There are lots of ways you can make money on the internet; all it takes is a little time and effort.

As Joel Comm says: "There is no Easy button to click."

But If you are dedicated to your business, yes you will achieve some success.
Even earning $1 per day is already a success.
You will rise your goals after reaching several times the same goal.

You can sell things via classified ads, auctions, or create your own web site to sell your product. If you don't know what to sell, consider selling access to information in the form of e-books or reports. Selling or providing electronic access to information online is a no-hassle way to promote a product that doesn’t have to be manufactured or shipped.

Just create a website for your content, set up a few simple marketing campaigns, and you’re on your way to becoming an e-author, providing the information that people crave. If you have the skills to communicate an idea to another person in writing, then you’ve got what it takes. People are interested in becoming enlightened and educated about topics that appeal to their basic needs.

Another way to make money on the internet is with affiliate programs. You’ve probably heard before a bunch of hype about how much money you can make with this type of marketing, which is true if you can get with the best. is one of the original affiliate programs, offering a hype-free way to really make money online. It’ll only take a day to make the site, and it’s low cost and low effort. Go to for detailed information on how to make money on the internet fairly effortlessly and for only about $20!

Another great site to visit is offering great ideas on writing and publishing e-books, creating websites, and marketing your product by selling advertising to people who want traffic sent to their website from yours; banner ads and affiliate programs are two types of popular internet marketing. You’re paid a few cents for each click on their banner, to a large commission for the sale of their product or service.

There are also a few tools you’ll need to make money on the internet like AdWords, AdSense, affiliations, auto-responders, banner exchanges, link exchanges, mailing lists, pay-per-click advertising, merchant accounts, submission services, and software, just to name the basics.

If you’re not a computer geek, this may all sound a little overwhelming at first, especially if you’re intimidated by learning html and basic website maintenance. Learning how to do these essentials yourself will save you loads of money, it’s fairly easy to do, and you’ll have complete control over your internet endeavor. Save all your hard earned cash and use your innate skills and abilities to supplement your income online.

To Your Success!

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By Arthur Orchid

Have you ever experienced people giving you more advices that you really wanted?

I almost sure you had...

At these times people mean well; however there bombardment of thought and ideas can be more detrimental then helpful. I experienced this recently when I left my job and career of twenty five years to do something different. I had worked as a social worker for that time span and was feeling that I needed to take a break from the emotional turmoil of dealing with other peoples issues, crisis’s and problems on a day to day basis. I hate the term burned out, but I guess that is what I was.

I wanted to do something completely different. I knew I had skills in many areas; however when you do not have the experience or education to back that up it is hard to convince a perspective employer to give you an interview. I was trying to come up with small business ideas so I could be self employed.

When I mentioned this to people they either discouraged me by stating all the headaches that go with self employment, or they told me a number of small business ideas that they had considered. Although some of the advice was sound, I wanted this venture to be mine. Through the years I have done many different crafts. Working with yarns, beads and the sewing machine was my way of working through the stress of dealing with people all day long.

There have been many times when people have seen my handiwork and have told me that I could sell my creations. I had given away a great share of the things that I had made as gifts; however I had many pieces of jewelry, several quilts, multiple quilted pillows and several afghans.

I had also started making knit purses as well as canvas bags. Of all the small business ideas that I had considered the idea of a craft boutique was the one that I thought was the most feasible. I thought I could have my own things displayed, have an area for consignment craft items and a line of quality gift items. I also love to bake so I thought I could sell baked items in addition to the other things.

We live in a resort area so there are many visitors that come to the area. A small town four miles from our house has several gift shops and has specialized in drawing people to the community with special shopping event through the year. I spoke with several of the business owners about my small business ideas.

They thought a shop like this would be a great compliment to the existing shops. There was a space to rent that had a kitchen area that has passed state inspection where I could make the baked goods.

I have decided that I am going to rent the space for six months and see what happens. If things do not go well I will not be out a great deal of money and if they take off I will extend the lease. It will be a nice change of pace.

To Your Success!

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By Arthur Orchid

There are important things to master when you plan to become your own boss.

Yeah: Do you know how to promote your business?

When I was going through college, owning a business was the dream.
I spent so much time worrying about how to start a business, I didn't know what to do with it once I had one.

I have some rather specialized knowledge, although it is less specialized nowadays.

Basically, I'm a technological wizard. I can program, build computers, And all the rest of it.
I wanted to work as a Self-employed computer consultant.

Although I knew that I could make a lot more money in the industry, it seemed worth the sacrifice to be able to set my own hours and be my own boss.

Unfortunately, I knew nothing about how to promote my business.

A lot of people take courses on how to promote your business, but I naively assumed that, since I understood what I was doing with computers, I would be able to get clients.

This was a very serious mistake.
I did have a few connections, and that is key to promoting your business.

However, those connections were quickly exhausted.
They were simply not enough to make a decent living for me.

Some of the best strategies for how to promote your business were things that I was already aware of.
Ever since I had been starting a business, I had maintained a good web page with excellent keyword optimized content.

I did get a fair bit of web traffic, but it didn't seem to be translating into clients.
Then I figured out the problem: I hadn't used any niche marketing.

Understanding how to promote your business starts with understanding the nature of your business.
In my case, because I was a small player, I needed to have a small local market.

I could never make my mark promoting my business to a broad, national clientele.
There were just simply too many bigger people around.

When I marketed myself as an expert located in the area, however, the calls started coming in.

This was easier said than done.
What people never tell you when they give you tips on how to promote your business is how much busy work there is.

I put up flyers all over the neighborhood, made connections at local technology club meetings, and even went to high schools to see if they had any trouble in their computer labs.
It took me about six months, but at that point I finally had a steady client base.

Getting a critical number of people is key to how to promote your business.
Once you have enough clients, word-of-mouth takes care of the rest – at least it did in my case.

To Your Success!

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