By Arthur Orchid

One thing that anyone who has their own site online is worried about is how to

get website traffic.

Though for many, this is essential for business reasons, even those who just have a small personal site want others to stop by and visit.

This is something that has been important since the web became popular with the general public, and it is something that might never change. What does change, however is the ways people draw this traffic to their sites.

When I was first online, I noticed a lot people simple begging others to come visit their sites.
This was how many thought they were going to get website traffic. Granted, back then, no one really knew what to do and how to get people to their sites.
There were many searches, but I can’t seem to remember if Google was around then or not.

I do know that it was hard to find what you were looking for most times, and the begging for

website traffic

couldn’t last long. It was very annoying and even the people doing it knew it.
There are still some that do it, but most people have taken a different approach.

Today, people go about finding

website traffic

in much different ways.
Some still visit forums and post links to their sites, and this does work well on a small scale. However if you are looking for huge website traffic numbers, you are going to have to do something else. One thing is advertising, and some like to do this.

Google’s Adsense program is a good one.
This uses the keywords in content to place relevant ads on the site. Some drive in traffic simply by using the right keywords.

For a few months I use Keyword Country to detect the best keywords related to my content to build traffic from Top Paying Keywords. There are tons of keywords tools but this one gets my preference as it helped me to increase my Adsense income and my websites traffic in less than 1 month by 75 %.

No matter how you go about getting website traffic, you can keep tabs on who is visiting by getting software that tracks visitors. You will not see names and addresses, of course, but you can see city, state, and country, and you can also see how long they were there and what pages they visited. This can help you decide who is coming, and what is working on your site and what is being skipped over.

This will help tailor any site to what the visitor wants. Even though you are not getting any personal information about these people, make sure they do not know they are being tracked. They may think the worst, even though you aren’t getting anything other than basic activity information.

When they get what they want, they are more likely to come back.

To Your Success!

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By Arthur Orchid

Working From Home is Better.

Most people wish to be their own boss. Let's see how it is possible... Now more than ever before people are making the decision to begin working from home. This may seem odd or impossible to some individuals, but it's really not. There are a few keys to successfully making a living from your humble abode. Initially it's wise to think about what it is you want to do.

How are you going to earn a living and will you enjoy it?

It's certainly not a good idea to pursue a work at home job that you don't even like. Not only should you enjoy your job, but you should also be able to manage your daily schedule. Let's examine some wonderful aspects of working from home. First of all, if you make the choice to be self-employed or work out of your home, you need to be serious about it.

Think about your current job position. How much money do you make and what all is involved?

Size up your bills and how much income you will need each and every month. This way you'll have an idea of how much you need to earn working from home. If you despise your current field of work, brainstorm a few other fields that are more suitable to you. For example, if you enjoy cooking and preparing specialty desserts, then maybe you should consider a home catering business. Then there's writing resumes or professional grants.

If you enjoy this line of work, you can certainly do thing from the privacy of your own home.
One of the finest aspects of being self-employed is that you can decide your own rates. A lot of people make the career conversion to working from home so they can set their own hours. Not only can you decide when you have to work, but you can additionally work as much as you need to in order to make ends meet.

However, the best part of working from home is generally being your own boss. Countless individuals make the decision to work from home because they sick and tired of taking orders. If you're interested in getting started working from home for yourself, then follow these simple steps; consider what you'd like to do, investigate it online, get started slowly, put some daily effort toward your new career path, stay motivated and be persistent. It won't happen if you don't try.

To Your Success!

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By Arthur Orchid

If like many people one of your dream is to become your own boss, start finding your 10 first customers !

One of the hardest things about seeing a business grow up is keeping up with the changes in consumer research. You see, when you are a small businessman, your gut is often all you need. You've never employed a consumer research firm, never tracked consumer responses to your product, never did a consumer market study, and never hired any marketing and branding consultants.

You have a good idea, a good brand name, and good people working for you. That is really all you needed. It honestly shouldn't take you longer than necessary to get around to hiring a consumer research center. You see, all of you instincts are against it. After all, it is your own decisions to make with your own sharp instincts this company built this far. Surely it didn't make sense to surrender any of that autonomy to outside consultants?

Still, when you see your sales and growth starts stagnate, you're convinced that it was true – you need to hire some consumer researchers and you need to fast. Otherwise, you would let your pride limit your own success – something that you had never wanted to do. Consumer market research is actually a much more complicated business than you ever could have anticipated.
Like most people, you have always assumed the consumer research was a pretty simple affair.

Being humble enough to realize you were wrong is already a success in your business.
Success is not always earning more cash! You assumed that all it involved was focus groups, and that these focus groups were pretty easy to design. Hiring a firm, however, you'll gain new respect for consumer research. They really do a very difficult job, and they do it very well.

Consumer research is basically about predicting every aspect of consumer response to a product. These are serious research professionals, some of them with advanced degrees in fields relating to human psychology. This is obviously the kind of things you can't guess or invent.

In such cases, there are 2 options:

  1. you know
  2. you ignore
They will measure how consumers will react to your brand, to specific products, to product innovations, and to changes in marketing and advertising. It is a really tough job, and they do it exceptionally well. Of course,Selecting the right consumer research firm can be very tough.
Are you lucky enough to have a friend who could direct you to his consumer research Corp.?

Research consumer firms are skilled at spinning things – that is one their specialties – so all of them will look good from the outside. Finding the right one for your company can be quite a difficult task.

To Your Success!

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By Arthur Orchid

This is the second part of the article named: Use A Keyword Density Analyzer Or Lose Money!

An excellent keyword is a keyword with low competition and huge demand.

What ever your goal is (AdSense clicks, affiliate sales, pay per lead, etc.) detecting the best keywords is important to build a successful business.

Managing pay per click keyword may be a solution in you're an AdSense publisher.
This technique is called AdSense arbitrage.

Finding the Keyword search engines love is a marvelous way to attract huge traffic to your site.

You may use a free Keyword generator or invest in a paying software to get top paying keyword AdSense and Overture keywords.

My favourite paying Keyword sofware generates targeted AdSense keywords by analyzing top ranked website in Google. Check how competitive a market is, and find out which Adwords keywords are the most profitable from competitors biddings, in addition to discovering all the hottest keywords from all of the major pay-per-click search engines.

Use those keywords to immediately optimize your website using the same strategies than your competitors do.
This will result in extra visibility for your pages and earn extra AdWords money.

More visible pages also mean extra cash from your monetization choices.
Of course monetization is profitable as soon as you correctly optmitized and placed your sponsors' ads.

Utilizing a keyword density analyzer will certainly help you target your audience and get more visitors to your website.
If you want to know what your keyword density is right now and find popular keywords, check out the below tools offering for free, fast keyword density tool for search engine optimizers.

Keyword Density Analyzer category #1

Keyword Density Analyzer category #2

KeywordDensity allows you to compare any 2 web pages on the internet, and search up to 2 URL’s at a time, including a word depth calculator.
Such a tool is very easy to use.

Just enter the URL, search word or phrase that you would like to run the keyword density analyzer on, and your results are displayed including case sensitive and partial keyword matches.

If you wish, more free search engine optimization tools can be found online to analyze various elements of your web pages, which can boost your search engine rankings and your net online profits.

Be serious with your business:
Do your homework before settling on any one type of software, and take advantage of free trials so you can see for yourself how you’re going to like working with the program, and if it’s going to meet your internet marketing needs.

Later, when your business will very profitable, I will recommend you to invest in the best SEO software to keep optimizing your pages to the next level.

So what are you waiting for to use a Keyword Density Analyzer?

To Your Success!

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