By Arthur Orchid

Losing traffic equals losing money!
I won't blame you, I did the exact same error for months...

Don't let cash on the table because of a lack targeted keywords on your website...
The best keywords are just in front of you, just pick them up!

If you want your website to be profitable, chose the right tools to optimize your keyword density to get top search engine rankings.
Keep in mind Search Engine Traffic is Free traffic.

Of course one article only won't make your site ranking high or low in the search engines.
Educate yourself to do the things the better as you can.

You may be very popular with one of your articles.
This article will be a permanent call to your website.

In most cases, a website is visited by readers coming from a Search made in Google, Yahoo or Msn.
Search Engines are 75 to 80% of your traffic.

Knowing this, it worths spending some time getting the best of the Search Engine results.
But never forget you're first of all writing for human readers not machines so the quality of your content is also very important.

You will often see that sentence: CONTENT IS KING!
That sentence is so true... but I will add the quality of the words or keywords you use in your articles is a KINGDOM.

Step #1: Produce an interesting content.
The kind of useful, informative & not sensible to fashions or tendencies.

Step #2: Smartly chose the keywords to write that very good content.
It means: optimize your keywords for Search Engines crawlers.

Remember in any business, the good words always produce a reaction...

Good, you smartly chose your keywords.

But this not yet over, your must have the right Keyword Density in your page.

Let's see together how to achieve this goal:

Density of a keyword in various elements of a webpage plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short).

By using a keyword density analyzer you can check out your keywords plus those of your competition to optimize your site and boost your online income.
More traffic = more opportunities to convert a reader into a subscriber to your mailing list or a buyer of your products.

Many online tools are available to check keyword density, including prominence and placement, keywords in page elements, outgoing links, and filtered words, while others are even more sensitive.

Some programs are nothing more than a bunch of old techniques that went out of style a long time ago, which aren’t going to help you in today’s world of online competition, so be careful.

There are several tools available online.
Let's focus for now on free Keyword Density Analyzer.

Using a Keyword Density Analyzer will tell you how many times the same keywords is present in your page.

There are 2 categories of Keyword Density Analyzer :

  1. Those reading only your web page and listing the number of times each word you wrote appears on that page.
  2. Those helping you to compare 2 pages. Say one of your pages with one from a competitor.
This article is to be continued at:
Keyword Density Analyzer: What Are You Waiting For To Use One?

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By Arthur Orchid

AdSense Secrets 4 from Joel Comm is an amazing ebook every AdSense publisher should read! If you're interested by the ROI of all your Internet websites and blogs, you already thought about making money from the Google AdSense program, didn't you?

There's no shame on monetizing your blogs: I do it every day...

If you read forums devoted to this subject, you will find many webmasters who complain of making no money from AdSense. Indeed, they don't know how to use AdSense correctly.

AdSense-Secrets 4 revealed for less than $10

I'm talking about making in one single day the amount you previously made in one month or more.

If I share a secret here, one key to your AdSense is testing, tracking and testing again. If you place a few ads and wait for money you're all WRONG!

To understand how AdSense really work, Order today your copy of AdSense Secrets 4 for as little as $9.95.

Other AdSense publishers will envy your results, you'll become popular and will start reinvesting in more products (softwares, coaching,...) to leverage more money. People will want to know from you how to optimize your blog and your websites to get clicks.

Update on 16th September 2008:
From this ebook I learnt a lot reading, testing and thinking out of the box. This not the kind of ebook (235 pages) you'll read in one week-end. I recommend you to read it once, highlighting some sentences and then coming back to those notes and start using the tips. After reading AdSense Secrets 4 you'll get a better overview about:

  • diversification (AdSense is not the only way to monetize your blog or website)
  • selecting the best sizes and colors for YOUR site
  • choosing good keywords
  • Google Custom Search Engine (a tool I don't use as I don't like it)
  • Creating channels to track and improve your results
  • And much more...
Indeed, I'll be very surprised if you don't really increase your AdSense incomes after buying AdSense Secrets 4 for less than $10. No more assumptions, just some smart and useful AdSense knowledge!

Feel free to post a comment about this ebook when you read it!

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By Arthur Orchid

You know what you're talking about...
You basically have in mind every aspect of your business.

You may think you wouldn't have any problem

writing business plans

You know perfectly the product you wish to make, how to make it, how to market and advertise it, how many people you must hire, and even how much it would cost.
Nevertheless, something about putting all of these factors together is quite difficult for you.

There's a time you have to switch between concept (the idea) and formal document writing

business plans

to make your dream come true.

business plan image

Even if you have always been an idea person, this transition may be complicated.
The part consisting on writing down and organizing the details is the hardest part for you.

If you have no previous business experience, you get the right recipe for disaster.

So You're Wondering What Can You Do Immediately?

That's the reason why you need to consult

sample business plans

it will put you in the right direction.
Well, in such circumstances, you have to be very humble!

This is not humiliating at all having to look at a business plan example.
Even if you're a pretty independent person, and looking at someone else's business plan template seems to compromise that independence.

Of course, you would have prefered to be able to do it all by yourself.
But there's no shame to go and buy sample business plans from a company that specializes in marketing to business novices.

You better have to do now that feeling like someone admitting a failure in your perfect or at least ideal concept of company creation.
No time to lose; you've to think practical!

Indeed, the sample business plans will save you a lot of money in the long run.
That's the reason why

sample business plans

are available.

Every problem may find its solution.

Stop think about this like a lack of experience and go further!
Get things right in the first place.!

Reading a Simple business plan or two will show you how it's done.
It will ensure you you've not forgotten any essential detail.

I'm convinced you will find the sample business plans quite helpful in this case.
Paying an extra charge to the company providing used plans from actual businesses, you'll even be offered some help to write down your own.

My advice about this is: try it by yourself (you'll feel so happy when this Business Plan of your own is printed on the paper) and only ask some additional help if you can't achieve it in a resonable time (say one week).
Or hire someone to do it for you immediately - you'll double check it before the end of the process - if you have more money than time.

Take your time to chose online or offline a few suitable

sample business plans

for your specific business.
Trust yourself!

Most of the sample business plans are perfectly adequate.
You'll have in hands all you needed to know, and will be ready to start.

I recommend you to have a look on Amazon books about Business Plans, it should be a very affordable way to start writing your own Business Plan.

Here are a few companies to start reading about Inspirational Business Plans:
- Score
- Sequent Learning Network
- Google Docs

You may ignore it but you're talented!

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By Arthur Orchid

Before 1999, I didn't know that there were 2 different types of e-mail.
I was browsing forums that were having a lot of problems with trolls.

Trolls are people who come to forums looking to make trouble, and have nothing constructive to add to any conversation.
When there're trolls on a forum, the forum moderator does everything possible to push them out of the forum more often banning their IP address or the accounts login/password they use there.

This is clearly the kind of online job I'll hate...
I remember one member suggested that anyone with web based e-mail be banned from the site.
What bothered me about this was that I realized that I had signed up for that site with a web based e-mail.

Even if my Internet Service Provider offered me an e-mail address, I rarely used it.
I prefer using for my online correspondence a few web based e-mails.

The reason is simple.
I'm free to change my ISP if another one makes me a more attractive offer without losing my contacts and access to my mailbox.

My contacts won't appreciate to receive notifications from Mr or Mrs Mailer Daemon telling them my email address is nor more valid because I've just changed for a new Internet Service Provider.

It was simply a matter of common sense that keeping the same web based e-mail address was much easier and more convenient for me.
If you have had to change your e-mail address on a regular basis, you know how boring it is.

Since 1999, I experimented a few hard disks crash so from that bad experience I heard how smart is not toput all your eggs in the same basket.
In my opinion, it's better to use a web based email hosting solutions and also a software to copy your emails in your hard disk.

In this case if you find a web connection, you can consult your new emails.
If you wish to read offline, just launch your favourite program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)

But, there's one problem left with web-based e-mail. If you have any type of business online you want to have an e-mail address that is either related to your site, or that is through your Internet service provider.

Some people won’t take you seriously if he uses type of e-mail for any type of business reason.
It doesn't sound very pro.

In such cases I recommend you to pay a few bucks per month (less than $7) to host your website and get free professional email accounts.

Even the domain name is included.
It will cost you less money than paying for a dedicated email hosting web.

Indeed, it only depends on the size of your company.

There are so many people out there who use web-based e-mail for things that are not exactly legitimate.
You may notice that some of the spam e-mail you get in your e-mail box comes from web-based e-mail addresses.

However, web based e-mail is generally free, and very useful. I use Gmail and Yahoo, and I have used them for years.

Not only is it reliable, it has changed sometimes.
They do not rely on keeping customers by staying the same.

No matter what type of web-based e-mail you choose, you may find that even if you have e-mail through your Internet service provider, you want to have at least one of these e-mail addresses.

This means that even if you move you have to change your other e-mail addresses you will always have one that remains the same.

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By Arthur Orchid

When taking surveys is a way to get paid for your answers... When I first learned that I could

get paid for online surveys

it seemed like a dream come true. Previously I took some online surveys but never get paid for my active participation. In most cases they rewarded us with an entry for lottery. It's useless to say you never win anything from such companies. To earn extra money, I can be a hard worker, but if possible I'd prefer not to work hard, make something fun and get a few dollars in my Paypal account every week. I think most people feel that way.

Taking a paid online survey or two seemed like the perfect way to make a living. Honestly, I thought I was just daydreaming. Once you start to check out paid online surveys, you quickly realize that there's not much money there. Don't get me wrong – you can definitely use a paid online survey site as a way to make a little bit of extra cash for spending. Still, paid online surveys only get you so far. The problem with paid surveys online is that it isn't easy to find out if they are legitimate or not before you have already put in the time. A lot of paid online surveys are actually just ways to get you to buy a product or try out a service.

It's not so difficult to figure out which paid online surveys are scams and which are not, but it takes a little bit of effort to do so. Once you've taken the time to start to fill out a survey just to discover it's a scam, you'll realize that it's difficult to make money doing this. You spend so much of your time trying to find legitimate focus group surveys that you end up making very little money. The best way to find paid online surveys is through classified ads and job posting bulletin boards. If you look for paid surveys online, you'll never get anywhere.

There're so many spam sites set up to tell you to take fake paid online surveys, that it takes years to sort through them. These very same spammers, however, will not pay the money to take a classified ad out in the news. The classified ads in the news are much more likely to be legitimate. Not only can you make money through paid online surveys through newspaper advertisements, you can also take part in medical studies, focus groups, and other similar tests.

Nonetheless, you do occasionally find paid online surveys that are what they seem to be. Sometimes, it is the quickest way for a company to get a lot of data about a particular consumer product. In that case, the company will offer paid online surveys to study how the product is received. Not only will they be able to find out some consumer data, but they'll also be able to spread some buzz about their new product or service.

If you're motivated to start earning up to $75 for every online survey you take:
Subscribe today to start earning money online! You have nothing to lose, in average you receive $25 for each survey you take. This way you'll have access to hundreds of paid online surveys from several companies, they will kindly ask you to take their surveys...

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