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One of the key in such project is to put passion before profit. This is probably the best way to ensure your real success.

You've decided to quit your job and go out on your own. You have in mind your own business where you make the sales and manage your own schedule. That's what you call being my own boss. You're tired of getting nowhere, working for a paycheck that is stagnant, while your boss makes all the profits. Even if this boring job pays the bills, more or less, you want to be safe and not jump the gun with an abrupt move that leaves you with no income at all. This is a critical decision.

You're looking at all of the possible businesses to own that will increase your finances and improve your personal satisfaction as you wish to be your own boss. Even if you have not quit your day job, owning a business can be an intimidating proposition. The up side is that yes, you're making all the money from your efforts and choose your own hours. The down side is that unfortunately it's possible to fail. It's readily visible that a complete analysis of what you want out of your own business, both in personal terms and financially, is a prerequisite. Where do you start?

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When considering businesses to own where you're running the show, your first consideration should be to search a business you will truly enjoy. When you enjoy what you do, your chances to meet success are far better than when you are conducting business in a field where you're just unenthusiastic. Please think about it. You must feel only a flat attachment to your current line of work, or you wouldn't be so dissatisfied. You definitely don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire, so to speak. If you love what you do, success tends to follow.

After all, financial success is one of your goals, but you must balance that objective with your interests. While your next door neighbor may make a ton of money in the stock market, if stocks aren't your cup of tea, stock market ventures have no place on your short list of businesses to own. On the other hand, maybe you're an avid scuba diver and can think of nothing better than scuba diving and spending your time and energy on a business that allows you to converse, participate – and profit – from participating and promoting scuba diving events. You will probably do very well with a scuba diving shop. It is a very smart way to share your passion with customers. And this sounds true.

Before you make any decisions or business plans, make a list of activities and subjects that turn you on, businesses where you can satisfy both your heart and financial obligations. No matter who you are or what your interests may be, there are plenty of businesses to own that are both profitable and personally satisfying. You can have it all.

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