By Arthur Orchid

In 3 days, we'll live in 2009. What will be your resolutions for this New Year? I talked with my friends and strangely the same dreams are reappearing every year:

Share we us your 2009 resolutions this could really be very informative for us all!

I noticed that with the beginning of each season there seems to be a push for people to make improvements in their lives? When the New Year arrives most people talk about making new years resolutions. When spring comes people talk about wanting to spend a few pounds to fit into summer clothes. In the fall people discuss that they're going to plan for holiday time better and at the holiday’s people make promises to make more of an effort to stay in touch with family members and friends. Usually after a few weeks of making a statement about changing our ways we're back to our old habits.

There're a few tips that you can take to help achieve your goals. One of the most important things to do is to write down the goal that you want to work on. By writing the goal down you're making more than a contract with yourself to work on this area of your life. If you seriously want to achieve your goals discuss them with the important people in your life. By sharing what you want to accomplish with others they can help keep you obliged by asking you what you're currently doing to achieve your goals. Give your friends and family permission to remind you what you have said you want to accomplish. Indeed it could be fun but also very helpful in your quest for reaching your goals. Be successful in 2009!

When you're working into something it's often times easy to forget or pay no attention to small steps that are made to achieve your goals. By keeping a journal of the steps that are taken to achieve your goals you can look back and see that you've been working on things, or you can look back and realize that you haven't been making effort and that you need to put more time into what you want to accomplish. The goals we set for ourselves are meant to better our lives and to increase our happiness. One key in this process of feeling happier is to set reachable goals. Wanting to become a millionaire in 2009 will make you suffer because it's almost impossible to reach that goal from scratch. Why not make a plan like this one:

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Yes this is a realistic plan for a successful Happy New Year. The kind of plan that helped me to get started in 2007.

The journey into goal achievement doesn't have to be paved with self denial and pain. Make an effort to enjoy the steps made along the way. Appreciate every little step, every tiny success making small improvements. Things aren't going to change in one single night. If a goal is worth writing down and talking about it's most likely going to take a while to achieve it. So often people let their goals fall on the way because they feel defeated if they don't accomplish them immediately.

When you're writing down the goals that you're working on also write down a reasonable time frame in which to complete them. Don't make the time so long that you will delay and don't make it so short that you are setting yourself up for failure. Be realistic and take time to enjoy the exploration to achieve your goals.

To Your Success!

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