By Arthur Orchid

You see there must be a better alternative to working for someone else. The job politics are weak and hypocritical. The transportation takes you two hours each way. It also cost you some money for the car, the train or any other way you use to go to work. The taxes are so destructive to the net paycheck. And the space for professional, personal development is extremely limited. Let's see in this article the example of working as a freelancer.

The first thing you have to do is access some useful work at home tips, researching even before making a plan. In those work at home tips, you'll probably find some helpful information. Here are a few work at home times I found over the first 2 years of seeking and preparing to work as a freelance writer:

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1 - Have a model for inspiration

Study and read about those who dared before you. You could join the growing number of men and women who dare starting their own business. You'll find numerous styles and approaches, with also varied techniques and strategies, as told to you (in newsletters, on websites, in books, on videos, etc.) full of work at home tips. Consider all those informations and wonder which one will work best for you. Which one suits your needs, your desires, and your skills. Then, imitate that model, using similar steps and strategies. Do what works, according to those who have worked it!

2 - Plan everything according to short/medium/long term

Write on a paper realistic goals. List all your goals short-term, medium-term, long term. Make the lists complete with ideal results, and also, include things, people, and events or incidents that should be anticipated… and have a back up plan. For example, it's ideal to calculate your working seven days a week for the first five years, but it's unrealistic and for that reason imperative you plan for life’s interruptions:

  • When the power goes out;
  • When your pet needs to be rushed to the vet, or worse, dies;
  • When the computer crashes;
  • When a client cancels an order an hour before deadline;
  • When the bank, pharmacy, grocery, or other store do not have what you need, sends you twenty miles out of your way, or is closed….
Try to figure out what tools you will have on hand, what back-up you could put in place!

Do not launch without some cash in advance. You can't be sure you'll make a living from the very beginning of your journey as a home-worker. You've got to cover your risks and expenses to get started without stress. Yes, you've wanted to write for a living since you were old enough to know what an adjective clause was. And yes, you knew if you didn't do a kamikaze move, forcing you to work hard enough at freelancing to survive that you would stay at the destructive government job forever…. But if you're smart, and if you take any work at home tips to heart, take this one: have some money in the bank, have a sugar daddy or mama, or work a part-time job that you can endure while your business kicks off. (It takes, on average, 3-5 years to determine if your business will be a winner or a flop.)

4 - Build a work regime

Although one of the absolute favorite wealth to working at home and for yourself is that you don't have to submit to an alarm clock, you still wake up, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and dress (on good days). Normalize your workdays by acting as if… as if you still have to be at your job on time, as if you get regular and regulated breaks, as if you're a professional with clean hair, shiny teeth, and shoes that are on your feet instead of slippers. This will help you to keep focused and motivated on your freelance work.

5 - Be strong enough to stop invasive people

Realize and take into account the fact that you're working a real job, even if it's in in your living room. As soon as possible prepare a room (an unused bedroom for example) to be transformed into a dedicated room for your business work. Convince others in the wrong use of the same: no one is allowed to interrupt you during work hours, just as if you were at a building downtown where they wouldn't be allowed to ask you where the ketchup is, if you would iron a shirt, drive them to the theatre, etc. Discourage aberrant and invasive behavior from family members, roommates, and clients…who will also try to test you as a child does, and not pay, or email you ten times in one hour to ask you how it’s going, or who will try to get you to do unnecessary, extra, revisionary work for free.

And good luck enjoying the freedoms that really do transcend the responsibilities.

To Your Success!

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