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A cheap web hosting isn't always the best solution for your business. Let's see in this article the reason why... Nowadays more and more people have their own website. If not for business purposes, your friends may have a simple personal website where they can communicate with friends and family, make new friends or just exchange ideas. So how do you go about finding a cheap web hosting site? It all depends on the purpose of your website. If you're trying to do business on the net, you'll probably need to features such as shopping carts, merchant accounts, computer languages to manage your business website.

Do you need to hire someone to design your website in order to make sales? This is not very expensive as soon as you know where to hire someone... But you've got to consider not only price. There's a landmark between price and quality. This is always better to spent extra bucks rather to get an ugly result! Okay you're on your way to create a Business website of your own so cheap web hosting won't fulfill your needs. In certain circumstances, you'll have to pay for a business web hosting if the size of your business is already requiring a professional web hosting. Once again you can always find cheaper but I recommend investing in quality rather than trying to save every dollar you can. If your business is only starting a top 10 hosting is a smart idea to get started. Please don't waste your money! You'll have to opportunity to upgrade your web hosting plan when your business is growing: there's no hurry!

On one hand, if you just want to have a presence on the web, a place where your friends and admirers can stop in and see what you're up to, cheap web hosting may well be the answer. To be completely free to make your website the way you wish, I recommend you to buy a cheap web hosting because web hosting provided from your Internet Service Provider isn't a safe solution. Who knows if you won't change your ISP soon and lose every data you hosted with the Internet Service Provider you're leaving?

Content is King
For personal page needs, many cheap web hosting sites provide a ready template where you can list your profile, pics and a 'friends' list. Some offer message boards and private IM conversations as well. So if your interest is mainly chat and web presence, this can be a good way to go. If you decide to publish your own blog check if your web hosting company offers cpanel it will help you to install WordPress in a few clicks that can't be easier! If you prefer a pure html website you need XsitePro2 the easiest web builder software to make a website, update it or change its appearance.

On the other hand, if your purpose is commercial, cheap hosting may not fill the bill. When selling a product or service, there's nothing worse than setting up your site only to find out, too late, that your web host cannot fulfill your needs. Imagine you're launching an Adwords campaign with the most efficient tips available to discover your website is no more online due to a technical issue... Then, you've simply wasted your money. Don't waste your money with Adwords and don't try to save money at any price.

Free web hosting is risky for a business venture! Don't upset your (almost) customers! They'll be turned off when they can't make a purchase because your host cannot provide the necessary software for you to do business and close the sale. You need to accept Paypal and the major Credit cards and also checks if you wish. The bottom line is that if you're starting a business on the net, you must consult someone technically competent to advise you on what you require to effect sales. If you need to pay a little more, it's well worth the difference. If you're not doing business, then an affordable web hosting is a suitable solution in your case.

Even if you're just looking for a site that makes you available for friends to look you up, check out that cheap web hosting site to see that they provide the services they promise. Go to Google and type, 'scams webhost name'. If the provider has not delivered to other customers, this search will turn up complaints to alert you to a less than desirable web host. Word does get around. When you find a host that is recommended by people you know and doesn't return any results on a scam search, you've probably found a good cheap web hosting site.

In conclusion, if you're not eBay or Amazon a cheap web hosting from the top 10 hosting is really enough for either personal or business purpose.

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