By Arthur Orchid

Losing traffic equals losing money!
I won't blame you, I did the exact same error for months...

Don't let cash on the table because of a lack targeted keywords on your website...
The best keywords are just in front of you, just pick them up!

If you want your website to be profitable, chose the right tools to optimize your keyword density to get top search engine rankings.
Keep in mind Search Engine Traffic is Free traffic.

Of course one article only won't make your site ranking high or low in the search engines.
Educate yourself to do the things the better as you can.

You may be very popular with one of your articles.
This article will be a permanent call to your website.

In most cases, a website is visited by readers coming from a Search made in Google, Yahoo or Msn.
Search Engines are 75 to 80% of your traffic.

Knowing this, it worths spending some time getting the best of the Search Engine results.
But never forget you're first of all writing for human readers not machines so the quality of your content is also very important.

You will often see that sentence: CONTENT IS KING!
That sentence is so true... but I will add the quality of the words or keywords you use in your articles is a KINGDOM.

Step #1: Produce an interesting content.
The kind of useful, informative & not sensible to fashions or tendencies.

Step #2: Smartly chose the keywords to write that very good content.
It means: optimize your keywords for Search Engines crawlers.

Remember in any business, the good words always produce a reaction...

Good, you smartly chose your keywords.

But this not yet over, your must have the right Keyword Density in your page.

Let's see together how to achieve this goal:

Density of a keyword in various elements of a webpage plays an important role in Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short).

By using a keyword density analyzer you can check out your keywords plus those of your competition to optimize your site and boost your online income.
More traffic = more opportunities to convert a reader into a subscriber to your mailing list or a buyer of your products.

Many online tools are available to check keyword density, including prominence and placement, keywords in page elements, outgoing links, and filtered words, while others are even more sensitive.

Some programs are nothing more than a bunch of old techniques that went out of style a long time ago, which aren’t going to help you in today’s world of online competition, so be careful.

There are several tools available online.
Let's focus for now on free Keyword Density Analyzer.

Using a Keyword Density Analyzer will tell you how many times the same keywords is present in your page.

There are 2 categories of Keyword Density Analyzer :

  1. Those reading only your web page and listing the number of times each word you wrote appears on that page.
  2. Those helping you to compare 2 pages. Say one of your pages with one from a competitor.
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Keyword Density Analyzer: What Are You Waiting For To Use One?

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