By Arthur Orchid

Before 1999, I didn't know that there were 2 different types of e-mail.
I was browsing forums that were having a lot of problems with trolls.

Trolls are people who come to forums looking to make trouble, and have nothing constructive to add to any conversation.
When there're trolls on a forum, the forum moderator does everything possible to push them out of the forum more often banning their IP address or the accounts login/password they use there.

This is clearly the kind of online job I'll hate...
I remember one member suggested that anyone with web based e-mail be banned from the site.
What bothered me about this was that I realized that I had signed up for that site with a web based e-mail.

Even if my Internet Service Provider offered me an e-mail address, I rarely used it.
I prefer using for my online correspondence a few web based e-mails.

The reason is simple.
I'm free to change my ISP if another one makes me a more attractive offer without losing my contacts and access to my mailbox.

My contacts won't appreciate to receive notifications from Mr or Mrs Mailer Daemon telling them my email address is nor more valid because I've just changed for a new Internet Service Provider.

It was simply a matter of common sense that keeping the same web based e-mail address was much easier and more convenient for me.
If you have had to change your e-mail address on a regular basis, you know how boring it is.

Since 1999, I experimented a few hard disks crash so from that bad experience I heard how smart is not toput all your eggs in the same basket.
In my opinion, it's better to use a web based email hosting solutions and also a software to copy your emails in your hard disk.

In this case if you find a web connection, you can consult your new emails.
If you wish to read offline, just launch your favourite program (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)

But, there's one problem left with web-based e-mail. If you have any type of business online you want to have an e-mail address that is either related to your site, or that is through your Internet service provider.

Some people won’t take you seriously if he uses type of e-mail for any type of business reason.
It doesn't sound very pro.

In such cases I recommend you to pay a few bucks per month (less than $7) to host your website and get free professional email accounts.

Even the domain name is included.
It will cost you less money than paying for a dedicated email hosting web.

Indeed, it only depends on the size of your company.

There are so many people out there who use web-based e-mail for things that are not exactly legitimate.
You may notice that some of the spam e-mail you get in your e-mail box comes from web-based e-mail addresses.

However, web based e-mail is generally free, and very useful. I use Gmail and Yahoo, and I have used them for years.

Not only is it reliable, it has changed sometimes.
They do not rely on keeping customers by staying the same.

No matter what type of web-based e-mail you choose, you may find that even if you have e-mail through your Internet service provider, you want to have at least one of these e-mail addresses.

This means that even if you move you have to change your other e-mail addresses you will always have one that remains the same.

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