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AdSense Secrets 4 from Joel Comm is an amazing ebook every AdSense publisher should read! If you're interested by the ROI of all your Internet websites and blogs, you already thought about making money from the Google AdSense program, didn't you?

There's no shame on monetizing your blogs: I do it every day...

If you read forums devoted to this subject, you will find many webmasters who complain of making no money from AdSense. Indeed, they don't know how to use AdSense correctly.

AdSense-Secrets 4 revealed for less than $10

I'm talking about making in one single day the amount you previously made in one month or more.

If I share a secret here, one key to your AdSense is testing, tracking and testing again. If you place a few ads and wait for money you're all WRONG!

To understand how AdSense really work, Order today your copy of AdSense Secrets 4 for as little as $9.95.

Other AdSense publishers will envy your results, you'll become popular and will start reinvesting in more products (softwares, coaching,...) to leverage more money. People will want to know from you how to optimize your blog and your websites to get clicks.

Update on 16th September 2008:
From this ebook I learnt a lot reading, testing and thinking out of the box. This not the kind of ebook (235 pages) you'll read in one week-end. I recommend you to read it once, highlighting some sentences and then coming back to those notes and start using the tips. After reading AdSense Secrets 4 you'll get a better overview about:

  • diversification (AdSense is not the only way to monetize your blog or website)
  • selecting the best sizes and colors for YOUR site
  • choosing good keywords
  • Google Custom Search Engine (a tool I don't use as I don't like it)
  • Creating channels to track and improve your results
  • And much more...
Indeed, I'll be very surprised if you don't really increase your AdSense incomes after buying AdSense Secrets 4 for less than $10. No more assumptions, just some smart and useful AdSense knowledge!

Feel free to post a comment about this ebook when you read it!

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