By Arthur Orchid

When you're dead broke, it's hard to maintain good judgment when someone tells you that they know how to make extra money. You might know that whatever making extra money spiel they have is nothing but a get rich quick scheme, but part of you wants to believe it anyway. After all, people get lucky right? You might be down on your luck, working for minimum wage in a gas station, but this cannot be all that life has in store for you, can it? Maybe whatever particular sales man you're coming across, be it in the want ads or on the Internet, has just what you need to help you in your quest for making extra money. There's nothing quite as scary as being flat broke, and most people will take any out that they think they can.

Nevertheless, it's important to maintain your skepticism. Most people look for a quick solution to making extra money, and this makes them vulnerable to being even more exploited than they're in the present job! Don't ever believe, follow or buy any method to become rich effortless or in a few days. Every business building needs time, efforts and money!

It's so easy to think that you'll find your way to making extra money through some crackpot Internet investment scheme. If you try hard enough, you might convince yourself that this one is the one! Whether it's selling domain names, stuffing envelopes, or some kind of pyramid scheme, you might just fall for it even if you already know that these kind of things never help you in making extra money. After all, when it's getting near the end of the month and rent is due, it might just feel like this is your last chance.

The greatest obstacle to making extra money that most people face is not that they have not run into that million to one special chance, but that they have lost most of their self-confidence. When everything is working out for you, it's easy to hustle for an even better job. You have this belief that you can succeed in anything, and that making extra money will be nothing difficult for you to do. When you're at the bottom of the totem pole, however, and are absolutely desperate for any method of making extra money known to man, it's paradoxically much more difficult to keep your hopes up. When you get down on yourself people will see your lack of self-confidence, and your dreams of making extra money get just that much further away.

Update: Amongst my 2 favourite ways to earn money online are:

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