By Arthur Orchid

Online shoppers, home based workers, self-employed persons have at least one thing in common when using a computer connected to the Internet: they've to be careful to protect their identity and credit card data from online-robbers. It seems that there're more headaches with identity theft nowadays than ever before. Could it be our constant connection with the Internet? Just maybe things are crawling into your personal files that you never invited. Yeah, it's certainly a scary thought. Maybe it's time you asked yourself, what am I doing to prevent identity theft? You should know that there're certain preventive measures you can take in order to stay safe. The truth is we all need protection from identity theft, because it's impossible to keep up with who might snatch our personal information.

Consider a few preventative steps. Number one is to guard your social security number with your life. Now I'm not telling you to die for it literally, but you get the general idea. Most people do not need this information. Sure, you'll use it a great deal in college, and maybe a few times after when you purchase a home or vehicle. Maybe take out a life insurance policy. But in general it's not necessary to reveal, and I'd seriously question those who request it. Another step you can take for protection from identity theft is to avoid random scams. Most likely you've encountered some of these by email before. Maybe they tell you that you've won some kind of lottery or something unbelievable. Don't take the bait! It's clearly too good to be true. How can you win something if you haven't played any sweepstakes or lottery? You should always be sure to shred your personal mail/documents. Destroy it and don't allow others to get their hands on it. They could ruin your credit if they do. Always keep your financial information to yourself. If you're going to buy online, I suggest you get a credit card that supplies you with a specific online number. This helps prevent against others getting access to your real card number.

Get a credit report! You can acquire one of these online for free. Find out what's currently up with your credit standing. You've to check these things on occasion. Someone could have already blemished your credit without you even knowing. And always be certain to protect your personal computer from viruses and spyware. Don't let hackers slip in and steal your information. Finally, make sure you stop pre-approved credit card pitches. Someone else could get their hands on this and go shopping. When in doubt, ask oodles of questions regarding any pitch or purchase. These measures will help with protection from identity theft. Last advice: when you receive an email from ebay, paypal or your bank asking you to connect to your account for any purpose check it carefully. In most cases it'll be an attempt from online robbers to steal your informations and use them at their profit. Don't click the link, this is phishing. If you have any doubt contact ebay, paypal or your bank by phone and report them this email.

To Your Safety!

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