By Arthur Orchid

A few years ago before starting my own home based business part time,I worked for an huge American company. One of my best friend colleague was working as a telemarketer, he was fully aware of how much people hated him. You would not believe how many angry responses he get when he called people up around dinnertime. Indeed people hate being disturbed by people they don't know. He knew that he was doing a somewhat inconsiderate job, but the American public has to understand something: if telemarketing didn't work, there wouldn't be anyone doing it. The company used telemarketing lists to target the most likely clients, but ultimately it all comes down to making a lot of cold calls. If you've a thick skin and a charming demeanor, you can sell ice to an Eskimo with or without telemarketing call lists. If not, you'll probably get out of the business pretty quickly. Either way, he didn't felt too bad about what I did most of the time. After all, if you really hated him, you only had to put up with him for long enough to hang up the phone.

It's pretty tough being a telemarketer. The first couple months that I remember he was doing it, he was depressed all the time. At this time, I really wondered how he could do this job any longer. He knew that the people who were shouting at him would never meet him in person, and would probably like him if they did meet him, but he did'nt make things any better. Taking all that abuse takes its toll on you until you learn to distance yourself from it. One of the toughest things about telemarketing is that you don't have control over who you're calling. The company is responsible for the telemarketing lists used in their business to contact the prospects. You don't make the decisions. If they've got bad

telemarketing lists

you might get shouted at all evening. If they've good ones, you might make a killing even if you're new to the business. Either way, it's usually out of your hands.

The invention of the telemarketing no call list under popular pressure from the American public has only made things more difficult. You see, often you are responsible for your own no-call list. Rather than incorporating it with the regular telemarketing list, they leave them as two separate items for some reason. That means that you've to double check your telemarketing lists as you're making your phone calls. Not only does this take longer, but it's a poor system for catching stray calls before they go out. Basically, if you're at it for long enough you're bound to call someone on the telemarketing no call lists.

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