By Arthur Orchid

I'm a firm believer everybody can work on something she loves. The only rule is to listen to your inner voice, call it whatever you wish - your conscience - your 6th sense - your intuition... Tempted by those working from home data entry jobs? Look closely before you leap! You're absolutely fed up with your current job. You go into work, day after day, spending your money on gas and office clothing and have nothing to show for the entire effort. You'd much rather be a stay at home Mom and find one of those working from home data entry jobs you've heard about from friends. You've gone so far as to look online for these jobs, feeling certain that there's a plum of a job just waiting for you. If you Google 'work from home data entry', you'll find hundreds of thousands of results. When you click through to some of these sites, you're told that you can make large sums of money, much more than your current job pays. of course, the work is easy and with just a few hours a day devoted to this work, you can pay the bills and have money left over. What's wrong with this picture?

For one thing, 95% of these 'opportunities' require a nominal - let's say $25 - fee, up front, in order to gain access to the full details, or to cover the costs of 'setting you up in business'. Plenty of people fall for this ploy. They figure that it's a small price to pay if, as a result, they gain freedom from the same old 9 to 5 and no longer need to spend big bucks on gas, proper office attire and day care expenses. The outcome is always disappointing. The fact is, those working from home data entry job offers are almost always, without exception, scams. Think about it. If an employer had a legitimate need for people to do data entry work from home, why wouldn't that employer hire from within the company? Why would they put out an ad on the net to an audience of millions of hopefuls? That employer's staff would be drowned in resumes and applicants. If there were such a need, a simple newspaper ad would produce all the applicants he'd ever need in a lifetime.

This is not to say that you'll never find a work from home position. It's far from truth... This is exactly what I do now. I made this choice and took the time to make it real. You will need to look a little harder and focus your attention on skills other than data entry. There're a few legitimate websites which screen employers for you. You should not ever pay a fee, and most particularly not for a working from home data entry job. Here's a suggestion which might produce a real job: Google 'telecommute jobs your-skillset'. If the website or agent wants a fee just to show you what he has, move on. Be diligent and consistent in your search effort and you may just get lucky!

To Your Success!

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