By Arthur Orchid

In the last 15 years, the Internet has opened many opportunities for people to earn money at home. It has also opened many opportunities for con-artists to come into our homes. When looking at deals and opportunities on the Internet it's important to make sure that you're dealing with reputable people and companies prior to giving out too much personal information. I remember a friend of mine who tried last year to start a business out of her home.

She had seen so many advertisements on the internet as well as the television about making money from home by being your own boss that she thought that this seemed like an interesting thing to look into. She did a search on general business opportunity seekers to see where she would be lead. Her very first search produced several thousands hits. Of course, she knew that not all of the business opportunity seekers could possibly be legitimate. But the problem she had to face at this moment was: she didn't know how to begin to sort through the vast numbers.

She opened a few sights and read about various opportunities for home base businesses. Some of the sites seemed like they were very well done and professional and others looked like they were put together by a third grader. She could not believe that there were sites that were proclaiming to be looking for serious business opportunity seekers, yet they had many misspelled words as well as wording that did not make sense.

A few clues to detect a serious online company to work for:

  • the website copyright is updated © 2006 or anything else than 2007 won't appear very pro
  • the sales page must provide the major possible payments methods such as major credit cards, PayPal, checks and why not money orders
  • ideally they may pay you once or twice a month after you reached a minimum amount
  • if you pay to join them (in most cases less than $100) they MUST have a refund policy for at least 1 month, more time to test the opportunity is of course always better
  • that company may be able to produce testimonies on demand
She knew that she would not waste her time putting her personal information into these sites. She did find a sight that seemed very legitimate. There was a survey form to fill out regarding what type of home based business the person was looking for. It also asked your permission to turn over your personal information to several companies so that you could be given additional information. The survey asked for the best time to contact and also asked for her telephone number.

Her husband was leery of having their telephone number out on the internet, but she filled out the survey form and hoped for the best. She was contacted by four companies that have legitimate businesses through the internet. One in particular offered a great deal of support from other business owners as well as a product that was on the market for several years and well backed by the company. There were several business opportunity seekers that had already joined the company and she was given there contact information to discuss the business with them. She decided that this would be a good business to become involved with. She hasn't gotten rich, but she's making enough money to stay at home and still help her to pay bills.

You may also join a Business opportunity seekers mailing list. I hope this story may be inspirational for you...

To Your Success!

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