By Arthur Orchid

Most of the people I know who had to send their first newsletter had the same question in mind: do I have to write a plain test email or send an HTML email instead?

A plain old text email isn't flashy, but it certainly gets your message over the net in minutes. When you're using email to share information between you and your friend, the text email is the most efficient solution. On the other hand, if you're marketing products or services, an HTML email does look nice. It appears more professionnal to your readers. The difference between text and HTML emails is much like going to get a sub sandwich with your sister and meeting a potential new client. HTML emails are indisputably more visually attractive, but even in business, there're situations which are best served with the plain text email. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each type.

When you're marketing a product or service on your website and you keep in touch with your potential customers via an e-newsletter, you'll usually want to give your readers a choice between a text edition and the HTML version. Depending on your content, your readers may actually file your e-newsletters faithfully, right in a folder dedicated to your site. These people find your information so valuable, that they want to store your e-newsletter permanently, on their PC, as a reference resource. These readers often prefer a text version, simply in the interest of disk space.

On the other hand, if your site promotes artwork, food or nursery plants, the majority of your readers may prefer the HTML email version. Visuals can whet the appetite for products of this type far better than a text message. A text message including details of the exotic orchid hybrid, won't get you many sales. The same email, with images and an attractively formatted page serves as an instant reminder to your potential customer. Your click-through ratio will whip the pants off the return you get on the plain text email. If you don't feel comfortable with building HTML newsletters, you can always hire someone to make this task for you. If you're a true entrepeneur who wishes to master every possible task before outsourcing it, you may at least give it a try. Use free newsletter html templates available online

When your HTML email is an e-newsletter, be careful in designing your colors and layout. In order for your readers to make an immediate association with your company, a consistent look is essential. Match the color scheme to your website for easy identification. Your readers have to identify at first sight the origin of the email. The newsletter sender must not be confusing and contain of course your domain name. The most efficient sender name is many cases is it is this way easy to identify.

For business applications, always give your readers an option between text and HTML communications. Let them decide which serves them best. For personal email formats, the disk space issue is not a major concern. It's fun to make your own HTML layouts, just as you might design your own stationery. You can create HTML email templates for every member of your family and friends, if you like. By the way, this is a very cheap way to personalize your messages!

So there you have the pros and cons. HTML emails can bring sales and are by far the most attractive. Text emails do have their place. I recommend you to contact your audience as soon as they subscribe to your newsletter. This time is for sure the best one to invite them to add your newsletter email address in their contacts also called white list. One good timing to send a newsletter is more often on a monthly basis.

It's up to you to send more (less will be risky for your business relationship) if you've got an insane offer to make to your readers. But never ever forget your newslettter has to be first of all informative and useful. If not you'll have an incredible ratio of people unsubscribing your communication. Dedicated newsletters tools are available online at a reasonable price, it's a good idea to use them rather than reinvinting the wheel. Keep focused on your business!

To hire someone visit e-places to create newsletter html templates for you or pay someone to produce html newsletters.

To Your Success!

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