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How to get started when you want to show your company to the world wide web? In this article, I'll try to give you tips for making a website with a low budget. First of all you have to define what is a low budget. For some of you $30 is a low budget for other entrepreneurs $200 is a low budget. Then what's your cash limit? For $30 you can get

HTML templates

with $200 you can buy XsitePro2 a software to make websites very quickly with a professional aspect.

You've had a small business for some time now, but you just realized that you had come to a point where your needed to expand your base. A presence on the Internet is an important part of small business today, so you decided it was high time to begin researching the fine art of making a website. You started out knowing two things: First you didn't have much money to invest in this venture; and second, you didn't know the first thing about

making a website

on your own. Even if you can get a professionnal website for a few thousands bucks

hiring a webmaster,

fortunately there're some cheaper and very good solutions.

You decided you needed to do some research first, so you went online to gain all the knowledge you could about this process. You quickly found more than enough information about making a website, whether you decided to tackle the project yourself or hire someone else to do it. You discovered that there were plenty of options in this process, and you'd be able to find success if you did seriously your homework. You'll soon see how time consuming it could be.

The first option was to hire a trained professional to do the job, and this was tempting indeed with your limited experience in the technical arena. The only risks you can take at this step is to underestimate your needs and the real price of the website you've got in mind. Will you be able to judge the talent of the webmaster you're going to hire? A smart tip to sort out this problem is to ask to see the webmaster's portfolio before writing any contrat. Thus you'll save not only money but also time.

You found that some experts in this field will charge a pretty reasonable fee for making a website, considering how much they could offer to build a really cool, attention-getting site. However, even the lowest fees were a bit steep for your budget at the time, so you decided to go it alone for the time being. If you have almost no money at all to get started, download NVU and type "html templates" in Google. If you need any help, it will always be time to hire someone to touch up your efforts later. You're thinking their fees for that would be cheaper than making a website from scratch. This isn't sure: it will depends on your work and result to provide a website you can be proud of.

The online resources you found offered plenty of good

step-by-step information for making a website

from choosing your domain name and designing your actual pages, to promoting your presence using the right content to draw prospective clients in. Some of these were called newbies' tutorials, because they walked you through the entire process with language that was easy for even the least techno-savvy to understand. Don't be ashamed there's always a Day One in any project.

Once You've got your site up and running, you may find additional information on making a website pages with lots of fun graphics, including your logo, buttons to view other pages, and pictures to make the entire package as pleasing to the eye as possible. After all this done you may feel the entire process really fun, and eventually not so hard to do.

However, to give your website a professional touch, it's time to invest some money. You've got now 2 possibilities:
  1. Hire a webmaster from elance or rentacoder.
  2. Purchase XsitePro2 a software to easily create professional quality websites.

XsitePro2 Template Selection screenshot

XsitePro 2 is the kind of tool anyone can master in a couple of days without previous experience. Using it will make you stop spending thousands of dollars to get the beautiful website you always dreamed of. If you want to stop losing time because you don't feel comfortable with Dreamweaver, I recommend you having a look to XsitePro2.

Everybody will wonder where you found that talented designer to build your website in so little time. You can keep the secret for yourself or reveal you are that talented person. Using XsitePro2 I only spent 2 days (including reading and practising the tutorial) to make a 20 page website to promote some affiliate products online. Normaly, I've to work at least one week to get that result.

I hope you found those

tips for making a website with a low budget

very useful to your business.

To Your Success!

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