By Arthur Orchid

Could you just imagine during one minute how we could live nowadays without Wireless connections to the Internet? Figure it out through the business but also the personal use to realize how it became a part of our lives.

I suppose it's safe to say that the World-Wide-Web has come along way since it began in the 1990s. We're no longer grappling with the annoying dial-up process. Nor do we have to surrender our telephones just to surf the web. DSL, high-speed cable and wireless Internet service have changed the game completely. Today we enjoy our PCs and Macs all day, any time we please without the old-school hassles. Most likely you're enjoying yours as we speak. Welcome to the new and exciting time of convenient Internet without all the wires.

It's not surprising in any way to enter a coffee shop and see patrons sipping on a cup of java, while surfing the web or getting some daily work done. This is the norm in the world we currently inhabit. I first discovered this convenience in a Starbuck Coffee but now it's everywhere from the USA to Europe in most public places or popular restaurants. Most often you can use a WiFi access for at least 15 minutes at no cost.

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And it's all thanks to wireless Internet service. Just look for the sticker on any eatery, business, or hotel that states WIFI. This tells you that they offer wireless Internet service to their patrons/customers. Who'd have ever expected such a bizarre service in the past? Now days we thrive on it. Some folks don't even bother with cafes and coffee houses that lack wireless Internet service. They go there with the intention of being online while lounging in a calm atmosphere with fine cup of joe. Personally I prefer the high-speed Internet access I have at home. Nothing is quieter than my own house. Furthermore, I doubt you can find a public venue that offers a higher level of comfort. Try lounging on your personal deck with a compact notebook computer in-hand. That's living!

If you're not sold on wireless Internet service, let me fill you in on what makes it so ideal. The freedom of course. Imagine surfing through cyberspace without the wires cluttering up your desk and getting in the way. Just you and your laptop. Take it upstairs to the bedroom, relax on the patio, find a comfortable spot in the living room; it's totally up to you. Having the web at your fingertips without all the irksome wires is truly a benefit. Now we can actually enjoy our online experience with wireless Internet service.

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