By Arthur Orchid

If you own a business, you know that good customer service is your key to long term success. You may have the best product or service on the planet, but if you don't provide good customer service, you won't be in business for long. Whether you own a large corporation, a small brick-and-mortar business or a web based business, you're competing with thousands or millions of other vendors. Your diligent attention to service can make the difference between success and failure. Here are five examples of good customer service that spell success for your business.

All of your customers are individuals. Even if that person is representing a corporation, that individual is looking for personal service. You may delegate customer service to staff members, depending on the size of your business or you may personally interface with your customers. In either case, your customer must feel that they're dealing with a person sensitive to their needs, rather than an automated email response or aggressive salesperson.

One example of good customer service that demonstrates personal attention: you sell widgets, as do many other businesses. A customer walks into your shop or visits your website. That customer needs just two widgets. Instead of ignoring that customer because you figure the profit is minimal, you court that customer and try to fulfill the request. That satisfied customer may know someone who's looking for a thousand widgets and recommend you.

Just think of it next time your receive such a small order to satisfy!

You never know what a customer query might net your bottom line. A prompt response to a query might make the difference between a profit or loss for your business. Queries offer you an opportunity to demonstrate examples of good customer service that pay you big time. That seemingly insignificant question on your product or service may just open the door to a big sale. You never know. That query may be made by someone who's in a hurry to purchase and is looking for a vendor that responds promptly.

Going the extra mile characterizes the business person with demonstrable examples of good customer service. Never regard a potential customer as an annoyance. You know everything about your business, but don't assume your customers do. Taking a few minutes to make your customer feel that you care about their particular situation often results in a sale.

Your potential customers are looking for solutions to their problem. Don't ever discount that. Whether it's you or your staff who's handling sales, emphasize the solutions you have to offer. After all, that's what you're selling. Solutions lead to sales.

Perhaps one of the best examples of good customer service is so subtle, but eminently effective. When a customer approaches you about your product or service, make it a priority to educate them. They may be vaguely aware that they need what you're selling, but don't know enough to justify a purchase. Educate them. You're the expert.

Practicing principles of good customer service does good things for your bottom line.

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