By Arthur Orchid

You know how we redundantly complain about the traffic we encounter on the Interstate in the morning and after work? Well imagine that times 100 or maybe even a million. While we all deal with the daily pile-ups on the way home from work, it only involves who lives in our area. Imagine how terrible it would be if it involved the entire planet. Now that would be one serious traffic jam, and you can bet there would be countless fits of road rage. Well, lucky for us, we don't have to battle that kind of traffic in the physical world. Now, Internet traffic is an entirely different story.

Websites love tons of traffic. They want as much as they can possibly accumulate. Traffic is wonderful for them because it either means more business or more web-surfers clicking on ads. Ad clicking often means revenue earned via advertisers. If you know what you're doing with this stuff, you can really generate a chunk of change off it.

I'll be the first to admit that often Internet traffic really ticks me off. Maybe they should call that cyber-rage. Anyway, like me, you've surely been on the web at times and had difficulty surfing from one site to another. This may concern your actual online connection, or more likely it involves the current Internet traffic. You know, all the other web-surfers who're online with you. I typically encounter this sluggish mess when I'm checking my email. You've got to love Gmail. Now, I really shouldn't complain, because this is a totally free service. But yet it's still annoying to get on Google and not be able to check my email account. I will say that this overload of Internet traffic generally happens when folks are getting off work or primarily on Saturday.

So the next time you're surfing net-land and notice your computer being sluggish, you can assume it's the overload of fellow cyber nuts. Even if there's room for everyone in cyberspace, things do tend to get a bit slower when we're all crammed in together. Just don't get upset and toss your expensive laptop out the window in a fit of rage. You'll need it later to check your email.

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