By Arthur Orchid

If you don't have yet a PayPal account you ignore what you're missing... This article will give you an overview about the great possibilities you get using a PayPal Account.

Most people that purchase products or services on the internet are probably familiar with a PayPal account. PayPal is a payment system offered by many merchants, like Ebay. In fact, PayPal is their preferred method of payment because it makes transactions fast and easy. PayPal accounts are easy to set up and easy to use, and it's free to buyers. It makes no difference if you are a buyer, seller, or merchant: PayPal is accepted worldwide. Using the PayPal payment service, users are able to send money and invoices to anyone with an email address. Most people who are even somewhat familiar with a computer have an email address, and if they don't, they can easily set one up. This simplifies life for everyone all around, and there aren't too many people that would object to that!

You've undoubtedly seen the PayPal logo on most sites which have goods or services for sale. Most sellers on Ebay use PayPal accounts, because it greatly simplifies transactions for the buyer and seller. Buyer's purchases on Ebay are also secured up to $1000. A PayPal account also keeps the buyers credit card or bank account information secure, therefore the seller never sees the buyer's personal financial information. Since identity theft and fraud is on the rise, this is a way to limit the amount of financial information you disclose to merchants and keeps it out of the hands of those who shouldn't have it. Many Internet merchants also offer PayPal payment services to their customers for this special reason. It simplifies the whole process for everyone, and keeps disclosure of personal financial information to a minimum.

Visit for all the information you need to sign up for a PayPal account. PayPal is fast, easy, and secure, and members have many more options available to them than to those without it. Buyers and sellers can easily keep track of all transactions, and customize their account profile to fit their needs. As I mentioned earlier, PayPal account is free to buyers, but sellers are charged a small fee depending on the amount of the transaction, and funds can be transferred to a bank account for free. Nominal fees apply for other types of withdrawal methods, like the PayPal ATM card or PayPal issued draft. Because PayPal is accepted worldwide, any individual or business with a PayPal account can exchange money all electronically with very little effort.

Every week, I buy on merchants' websites and get money on my PayPal Account from Affiliate sales, this is obviously the kind of online transaction tool I love!

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