By Arthur Orchid

In this new millennium there're plenty of

successful internet businesses

more or less inspirational. In fact, so much of everything we do has gone to the Internet. Just take a moment to ponder that statement. What do you use your personal computer for each and every day? I know I use mine constantly. Yesterday I was working with my laptop in a MacDonald's waiting for my next rendez-vous. And today I type this article in a train to Normandy. ;o)

If I'm not working on it, I'm checking the bank account, typing an email, or surfing the World-Wide-Web. That's what's so great about cyberspace. It truly offers us infinite possibilities. This especially applies to work. Imagine what you could do for a living from your very own home? If you've never done this, then you really should start thinking about it. With all the current successful internet businesses out there, you can surely build one of your own. Folks just like you do it every day. The future can't be stopped!

There're for sure several advantages to having an

Internet-based business

of your own. First of all, you can be your own boss. No more taking orders from some pretentious nitwit who thinks he's God. Also, your salary will be greater because you will no longer be an expendable cog in the machine. You're now building the freaking machine. The machine has your name on it! What do you think of those apples? That's the way it should be. Now, if you seriously can't think of any successful internet businesses, then I will name a couple just for the heck of it.

eBay is a gargantuan one. Then there's PayPal, which is also massive and worldwide. Folks take advantage of these successful internet businesses on a daily basis. I kick myself hourly for not coming up with PayPal. It's just a simply electronic funds transfer system. They move money from one place to another and consistently take three percent. That's smart, right? Can you imagine what they're making off of the entire planet? Then again, do you even really want to? It may tick me off further. However, you get the point. They're raking in the dough.

If you love reading about Successful Internet Businesses I can't stop this article without recommending you to read The Google Story: Inside the Hottest Business, Media, and Technology Success of Our Time. This is obvously one of my next books to be read before everyone else...

You can get assistance and ideas for potentially

successful internet businesses

just by surfing the net. I believe it's always prudent to take a good, hard look at what other successful individuals have done. Learn from their creativity and clever business skills. Use their accomplishments and free information to begin your own web-based business. The world is yours for the taking.

To Your Success!

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