By Arthur Orchid

Like in any activity such as sport, business or whatever it's necessary to use a guideline.

It's a way to know exactly where you are now through the process you started.

Having a look on it will help you find more motivation to keep looking forward.

Let's take an example:

Your goal is

"Within 6 months, I want to earn $100 daily online."

You must determine the steps to follow to achieve it.

Step 0: Chose carefully what you want to sell (now).

Step 1: Find a short, easy to memorize .com domain name to buy (in 2 weeks).
Keep it as easy as possible.
Of course the domain name must refer to the products you are to promote.

Step 2: Have some content ready to publish (in 2 months).
Between 20 and 30 articles should be a good start.

Step 3: Prepare your website offline (in 3 months).
Use templates or pay someone to build your website.

Step 4: Publish your website online (in 4 months).

Step 5: Start working on your SEO[1] (in 4 1/2 months).
This task will need to be "refreshed" frequentely.

Step 6: Publish a squeeze page[2] (in 5 months).
It will help you to start building your list.

Step 7: Drive traffic to your website (in 5 1/2 months).
There are many technics you can use such as PPC[3], banner exchange, links exchange, publication in e-zines, etc.

Step 8: Make your sweetest sale: the very first one (in 6 months).

Step 9: Keep working to get those $100 daily online.

[1] SEO: search Engine Optimization
[2] Squeeze page: an opt-in page
[3] PPC: Pay Per Clic


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